Should You Hire an Accident Lawyer?

Being involved in an automobile, motorcycle or truck accident can be very traumatic, stressful and financially draining to a person. Getting a settlement or help from the insurance company is going to be a long process and it can be very hard to prove fault on your own. An insurance company will negotiate, stall and try to sometimes almost intimidate an accident victim into taking a less than deserved settlement, which is why having a lawyer is very important.


Mission Statement

accident-attorneyAn accident attorney has a personal mission and goal to ensure a client and their family is protected against bullying or coercion from an insurance company. Insurance companies will sometimes use trickery and deceit to gain an accident victims confidence and then will turn around and use the trust, in order to swindle people out of rightful compensation. Having an attorney will prevent an accident victim from being taken advantage of and will protect the person from the unscrupulous tactics used by insurance companies and lawyers representing the liable party, so it worthwhile to hire the best one available.

Someone suffering from an injury due to an accident because of another parties fault deserves to be compensated. The insurance company and/or liable party will not likely come forward and offer up to compensate the victim, which is why sometimes it is a better idea to hire an attorney to handle the situation. With hiring a personal injury lawyer, a person has a counselor and advisor and will be helped step-by-step through the entire legal process and will not be taken tricked, deceived or lied to by anyone. Recovering money from an accident is going to be a long and drawn out process and most accident victims become disillusioned and frustrated, which is why getting an attorney is a good idea.

What is typically considered an accident?

accidentNot only are people the victims of accidents involving motor vehicles or motorcycles, but there are also other circumstances in which a person can be seriously hurt. Although automobile accidents are the most common cause of someone being hurt, there are also a number of different ways in which a person can be injured. Other accidents can include:

A person can be bitten by a dog,

slip and fall down,

suffer from a medical malpractice issue or medical mistake,

be the victim of a prescription mistake,

be hurt at work, and much more

Having a lawyer to represent your rights means nobody will trample your liberties, nobody will coerce or force you into accepting a less than deserved settlement or influence you to sign away your rights to compensation, because of pressure or strong arm tactics from the insurance company.

Take action

Having an attorney to represent your accident case is the best way a person can possibly be protected during court and the lawyer will handle the negotiations with an insurance company, opposing attorney or liable party. There are many laws and statutes surrounding accident law and it can be very confusing and complicated to maneuver through everything, especially when trying to heal from life-threatening injuries. Never sign any agreements, make any statements or agree to a settlement before speaking to accident lawyer first.